Are the designs really free?
Yes, we offer free custom-made designs for all our customers.
How do I get a free design?
Please complete our design form in our ‘Customize’ page and provide as much information as you can. We will prepare a design proposal once we receive your request.
How many designs will you propose?
Our design proposals range from 4-8 designs depending on the amount of information the customer provides.
Do you have a revision fee?
We have no revision fees as of now.
We have a design already, can you produce it?
Yes, we can produce your designs. In fact, having your own design can speed up the production process.
Can you design for a new sport?
Yes, we are open for new challenges and opportunities.
What products can I customize?
As of 2021, we offer custom game jerseys for soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, hockey, baseball, ultimate frisbee and cycling. We also offer custom teamwear such as hoodies, full zip jackets, half zip jackets, sweatshirts, pants, training shorts, training pinnies, socks, and backpacks.
How do I place an order?
You can order directly with your designated account manager or ask to open an online store.
Can I order in bulk for my team?
Yes, please ask your designated account manager for an order form.
Can you open an online store for my team?
Yes, after you have an approved design you can ask your account manager to setup an online store for your team.
When will my orders arrive?
Turn around time for is different depending on the delivery option you choose:


a. Bulk delivery: 3-6 weeks

b. Individual delivery: 4-8 weeks

Can I change my order?
Yes, only if we haven’t started printing the process but please be note that this will cause delays on the production timeline.
There’s a mistake on my order, can I have it replaced?
Yes, please go to our ‘Return & Exchange’ page to report and have it replaced.
Where can I track my order?
Please refer to our ‘Order Tracker’ page.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. If you have a different payment method, you may ask your designated account manager for more info.
Can my organization order in advance and pay later?
Yes, but our credit program only applies to high schools, colleges and universities.
Do you offer sizing samples?
Yes we have samples in-stock that we can ship for a club try-on date. Clubs may keep the samples kit up to 21 days and then ship back.
Can I order sizing samples with our design?
Yes, we provide a 50% discount on your sizing sample order. Pros of ordering a sample:


• Teams can fit the actual sizing before ordering.

• Teams can see what the actual product will look like.

• Teams can use the samples as replacements or loaners if necessary.


Does the product shrink?
No. We have carefully curated our fabrics to withstand such conditions.
Are the jerseys regular or athletic cut?
Our jerseys are regular cuts. You may order a smaller size for tighter fit.
What sizes do you offer?
We offer sizes for men, women and youth teams.
Can I print any color?
Yes. If your color is difficult to find, we will suggest a color closest to your reference.
What kind of prints do you offer?
We offer full sublimation prints for all our products.
What kind of prints do you offer for team logos?
We offer embroidered patch, rubber patch, 3D rubber patch and vinyl. Additional fees may apply.
What materials do you use for your products?
We use a mix of high-quality polyester fabrics.
Are the colors consistent for each product?
All gamewear and teamwear will have consistent colors. We have a slight offset from our socks and backpacks because they are made from a different material.
Can I still change my shipping address?
Only if the orders are still in our fulfillment center.
Can I avoid shipping fees?
No. We use a 3rd party company for our shipping such as UPS, FEDEX, etc which makes shipping fees unavoidable.
My item is missing, what do I do?
Please send a message to and our team will address the issue immediately.