1. Select a product.

Select the product you need. You can select the product directly or select “quick add” which will add the product in your cart without leaving the collection page.


2. Select a size and add to cart.

If you select a product directly, it will lead you to the product page. You can now select the size you need and add to cart. You can add more sizes in cart page.


3. Add another size at cart page.

Add another order with a different size by simply selecting another size from the size menu. The order will then be added as a separate item in your cart.


4. Add a roster (Name & Numbers).

Select “Add Team Names & Numbers” to open the pop-up table. Type in the player’s name and number to each row then click save once everything is complete. The maximum order for each size is 100 items.


5. Confirm your orders at checkout.

Customer can see the order details placed on each item before paying at checkout. The orders can still be changed by going back to the cart page. Always double-check your orders before paying.

Our production system is automated which means only wrong order information can cause wrong orders.